How to Display Your Graduation Diploma

How to Display Your Graduation Diploma

Your graduation diploma shows off years of hard work and dedication. Many people are going to want to proudly display their diploma. There are different ways that you can do this depending on your style, taste and how much you want to pay. The following are some tips on how to display your graduation diploma.

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Many people simply place their graduation diploma in a frame. You can do it yourself by going to a store that has frames such as a dedicated frame store, a craft store such as Michael’s, a general store such as Target or one of the many other stores that sell frames. You can even get one off of the Internet but that might be difficult since you cannot see it in person. If you are looking for a ready-made frame you might want to bring the graduation diploma with you so that you can hold it up to the different frames and see which one you like the best. You could get a traditional one such as a wood one in a pine, oak, cherrywood or another type of real or simulated wood. Also, they have plastic frames.

They have many metal frames in goldtone, silvertone and other colored metals. Some frames have designs on the sides while others are much more simple. You will find many ready-made frames from which to choose. These can range in price greatly with the cheap plastic ones being only a fraction of the price of an intricate wood or metal ones. If the graduation diploma does not exactly fit into a frame, you can consider adding a mat to make it fit.

You can also get the graduation diploma professional framed. Typically this costs more than getting a frame that is already made, however, you might be able to choose from many more frames and also get it professionally mounted. You will often have a lot of mats to choose from. You might even be able to choose a special type of glass such as UV glass, which might help to protect your graduation diploma.

In addition to frames, some people get their diplomas mounted on wood and lacquered over. You will often see this method used for doctors in their offices. This can be a very pretty method of showcasing your diploma.

You can use a shadowbox frame to place your graduation diploma alongside other mementos from your graduation such as a picture, the program from the graduation, your cap, etc. You can do it yourself or pay someone to professionally do it, and it can really turn into a work of art.